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Sangha Meeting & Vision Planning
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Sangha Meeting, Sunday, September 22, 2019, 4-6 pm

Visioning and Planing - 

Some very important and fruitful work was done together on our last meeting on Septermber 8, 2019, see below some 'evidence' of the work.

Here are a few bulleted comments:

  • We looked at our history together since 2005
  • We established some foundational values and hopes and dreams
  • We imagined together bright future
  • We identified the things that may be holding us back
  • We looked at what the culure needs, what we have to offer
  • We decided not to fuss with our Mission Statement. It holds true for now
  • We affirmed our commitment to the Charism of New Camaldoli, the 3-Fold Good
    • Community
    • Solitude
    • Self giving 
  • We recognized the need for an active, engaged Service Committee 

Looking forward:

  • We will identify our priorities going forward
  • We will name our own gifts and what we have to offer for the benefit of this re-founding effort for the Sangha Shantivanam community
  • We will also create some tasks and timelines
  • We will meet again on Sunday, September 22, 4 pm to 6 pm


* We will have a vegan/vegetarian potluck following the meeting.

* And we certainly hope you will be able to join us!


Here is a photo of the afternoon work!

Location Sangha Room, Holy Cross Pastoral Center, 210 High Street, Santa Cruz
Please remember to park in the designated parking spaces behind the building

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